Baseball's stat kings: BVC’s Meyer, Mariposa’s Medinas dominate the dish.

Joe Cortez

Editor’s Note: The statistical leaders, presented by Joaquin Painting, will publish every week during the regular season. Only athletes who have statistics entered into MaxPreps will appear on the leaderboards. Statistics as of Monday, March 11.


Batting Average (minimum 12 at-bats): Cody Brockman (Modesto Christian) .778, Tyler Meyer (Big Valley Christian) .684, Treven Crowley (Hilmar) .667, Marco Marcelino (Calaveras). 667, Carlos Drain (Weston Ranch) .615, Ruben Garcia (Buhach Colony) .615, Jacob Vales (Mountain House) .600), Michael Medinas (Mariposa) .579, Cole Gilbert (Escalon) .579, Andrrew Morones (East Union) .571, Cameron Mercurio (Enochs) .571, Jake Darby (Big Valley Christian) .556.

Hits: Tyler Meyer (Big Valley Christian) 13, Cole Gilbert (Escalon) 12, Jeremiah Langan (Hughson) 11, Michael Medinas (Mariposa) 11, Chase Minor (El Capitan) 10, Nathaniel Silva (Atwater) 10, Bian Haslam (Hughson) 10, Alex Gouveia (Manteca) 10, Alex Solis (Central Valley) 9, Gabrial Lopez (Central Valley) 9, Lucca Duttra (Escalon) 9, Memor Avalos (Livingston) 9, Jacob Vales (Mountain House) 9, Ryan Ward (Manteca) 9, Austin Cappas (Mountain House) 9.

Home runs: Cesar Avila (Livingston) 2, multiple players with 1.

Runs Batted In: Cole Gilbert (Escalon) 12, Michael Medinas (Mariposa) 9, Amier Bowen (Weston Ranch) 9, Danny Scott (Bret Harrte) 9.

Stolen Bases: Amier Bowen (Weston Ranch) 10, Jacob Domingues (Orestimba) 9, Clayton Moore (Calaveras) 8, Derek Avila (Hughson) 7, Nathaniel Silva (Atwater) 7, Cameron Ceja (East Union) 7, Carlos Drain (Weston Ranch) 6, Mason King (Turlock) 6.


Earned Run Average: Seth Garza (Hughson) 0.00, Michael Medinas (Mariposa) 0.00, Brrett Maddock (Oakdale) 0.00, Noah Herring (Mountain House) 0.00, Anderson Grover (Downey) 0.00, Slyder Blyth (Sierra) 0.00, Sean McCann (Ripon) 0.00.

Wins: Leo Kari (Mariposa) 3, Eliiot Kee (Hughson) 2, Antonio Cortez (Buhach Colony) 2, Seth Garza (Hughson) 2, Miguel Alvarez (Patterson) 2, Michael Medinas (Marirposa) 2, Devon Del Toro (Livingston) 2, Nahtaniel Silva (Atwater) 2, Zachary Pilkington (El Capitan) 2, Gabrial Lopez (Central Valley) 2, Logan Luker (Gustine) 2, Cole Gilbert (Escalon) 2.

Strikeouts: Gabrial Liopez (Central Valley) 30, Leo Kari (Mariposa) 26, Thommy Brown (Big Valley Christian) 26, Danny Scott (Bret Harte) 19, Taylor Yuki (Mountain House) 19, Seth Garza (Hughson) 18, Antonio Cortez (Buhach Colony) 18.

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