Ripon Christian's Elizabeth Thomas clubbed her regional-best seventh home run in a 3-0 victory over Waterford last week.

Softball slugger Thomas has become the region's 'Big Hurt,' leads in hits and HRs.

James Burns

Editor's note: The statistical leaders, presented by Joaquin Painting, will publish every Monday during the regular season. Only athletes who have statistics entered into MaxPreps will appear on the leaderboards. Statistics as of Sunday, April 14, 2019.


Batting Average (minimum of 40 plate appearances): Alana Cardon (Calaveras), .703; Lexie Webb (Oakdale), .634; Julianna Lassiter (Weston Ranch), .629; Kali Gose (Hughson), .607; Elizabeth Thomas (Ripon Christian), .596; Kristyn Dexter (Big Valley Christian), .564; Kai Deleon (Pitman), .560; Kiya Smith (Mariposa), .556.

Hits: Vanessa Saltos (Golden Valley), 34; Elizabeth Thomas (Ripon Christian), 34; Kali Gose (Hughson), 34; Marissa Bertuccio (Golden Valley), 32; Yosselin Castillo (Pacheco), 30; Katie Thornsberry (Hughson), 30; Kiya Smith (Mariposa), 30; Sheridan Gulley (Davis), 29; Caitlyn Cole (Stone Ridge Christian), 28; Kai Deleon (Pitman), 28; Madison de Graaf (Ripon Christian), 27; Vanessa Langan (Hughson), 27.

Home Runs: Elizabeth Thomas (Ripon Christian), 7; Kiya Smith (Mariposa), 7; Marissa Bertuccio (Golden Valley), 6; Lexie Webb (Oakdale), 6; Chloe Agueda (East Union), 5; Harleigh Braswell (Amador), 5; Carolyn Dallimore (Patterson), 5; Delihla Garcia (Patterson), 5, Sarah Millan (Orestimba), 4; Chloe Wong (Enochs), 4; Danyelle Godoy (East Union), 4; Alexis Aguallo (Le Grand), 4; Chloe Koll (Amador), 4.

Runs Batted In: Elizabeth Thomas (Ripon Christian), 48; Sharionna Gray (Davis), 35; Kristyn Dexter (Big Valley Christian), 35; Julianna Lassiter (Weston Ranch), 33; Kiya Smith (Mariposa), 30; Sheridan Gulley (Davis), 28; Lexie Webb (Oakdale), 27; Marissa Bertuccio (Golden Valley), 26; Kali Gose (Hughson), 26; Vanessa Saltos (Golden Valley), 25.

Stolen Bases: Yosselin Castillo (Pacheco), 41; Cassidy Kuden (Gustine), 28; Alexis Parra (Pacheco), 27; Caitlyn Cole (Stone Ridge Christian), 18; Kristyn Dexter (Big Valley Christian), 16; Kaitlyn Rau (Big Valley Christian), 16; Karlee Juarez (Bret Harte),16.


Earned Run Average (minimum of 50 innings pitched): Shelby Frutoz (Turlock), 0.43; Marissa Bertuccio (Golden Valley), 0.46; Lexie Webb (Oakdale), 0.50; Megan Escobar (Atwater), 0.63; Raquel Chaidez (Enochs), 1.02; Maikyla Nelson (Gregori), 1.04; Emma Eastman (Stone Ridge Christian), 1.24.

Wins: Marissa Bertuccio (Golden Valley), 18; Madison de Graaf (Ripon Christian), 12; Tawni McCarty (Waterford), 12; Leila Ruiz (Davis), 11; Shelby Frutoz (Turlock), 10; Emma Hicks (Pacheco), 10, Lexie Webb (Oakdale), 9.

Strikeouts: Marissa Bertuccio (Golden Valley), 218; Tawni McCarty (Waterford), 149; Shelby Frutoz (Turlock), 140; Paige Fisher (Beyer), 125; Lexie Webb (Oakdale), 111; Madison de Graaf (Ripon Christian), 107; Trisha McCleskey (Merced), 102.

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